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Hello! My name is Alexander, I am Denis's father. In our family there was a trouble. On March 10, 2016 at our one-year-old the son Denis found a retinoblastoma (eye cancer). Inspection showed that the tumor touched a nerve. It is very bad – a direct road in a brain. As it is written in documents – "attempt of preserving of body without guarantee is possible on success". Registered 6 courses of the general chemistry, intravenously, at the place of residence. But we on it did not stop, found the good doctor on a retinoblastoma in clinic "Red cross" which is in Germany, professors Villerdinga, it I agreed to accept us. At it we also made MRT, inspection under anesthetic. It appeared, the nerve at us is not injured. I did not even offer removal. He registered 3 courses of chemistry, vnutriarterialno. Certainly, we chose treatment in Germany – better than the 3rd chemistry locally, than 6 general. On primary inspection, treatment, 3 chemotherapy course we needed more than 15000 euros. Two courses of chemistry already made. Made also cryofreezing. Denis transferred them perfectly! Very quickly I departed from an anesthesia, well I ate a milk any side effects as vomiting and other was not yet. For the end of July the third year of chemistry is appointed. The senior son lives at the grandmother and constantly cries with the fact that there is neither mother nor the father nearby – to it only 4.5 years. And as to explain all this to him I do not know. Now we need to make the third chemistry, then inspection under anesthetic again, which costs 22170 euros. Further treatment will depend on inspection under anesthesia. Very much we hope for your support Perfect Money: USD: U11804049 EUR: E11954692 PAYEER-P38189526: All many thanks!!!
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